What is CBD Rosin?

CBD rosin is a special type of hemp concentrate that’s vastly different from ‘regular’ extracts. Technically it isn’t an extract at all — it doesn’t use harsh solvents, so there’s no extraction involved in making it.

Instead CBD rosin is produced by gently heating and pressurizing hemp flower. There are several advantages to this method. For starters, CBD rosin is truly full spectrum, with a perfect blend of CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBDa, THCa, terpenes, flavonoids, and more. It’s also truly pure, free from any residual solvents or chemical byproducts whatsoever.


What are CBD Rosin Gummies?

CBD rosin gummies are what you’re probably thinking: infused gummies that get their cannabinoid content from 100% solventless rosin.

And the CBD extract that fuels our rosin gummies actually contains far more than just CBD. It’s got:

– Cannabinoids like CBDa and THCa
– Terpenes like b-caryophyllene
– Flavonoids like Cannflavin A


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cbd rosin daytime gummies


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The Botanist inspired 100% solventless Rosin gummy is here! Enjoy the purest form of CBD hemp extract on the market in a delicious gummy. Our rosin extract is pressed from USDA Organic hemp flower using gentle heat and pressure to extract the plant’s cannabinoids, oils, and terpenes without chemicals or solvents. This results in a full-plant extract rich in CBDA and THCA, both of which provide amazing benefits you can’t find in other hemp products. Try our daytime for everyday use and nighttime for your best night’s sleep! Each gummy contains 15mg of full-plant cannabinoids.