winged rise up gummies
  • RISE UP: Use as a morning energizer, midday slump pickup, or pre-workout supplement, Rise Up Gummies are the tasty way to re-energize your body and focus your mind. Packed with clean, brain boosting nutrients!
  • NATURAL ENERGY: Just the right amount of caffeine (equal to a cup of green tea) combined with L-Theanine provide smooth, sustained energy without the afternoon crash or unwanted jitters.
  • METABOLISM SUPPORT: Natural ingredients help control the stress of the day while also speeding up a sluggish metabolism. Vitamin B12 helps fatigue and brain fog, while Iodine supports healthy Thyroid function.
  • MENTAL FOCUS & CLARITY: We use effective and natural ingredients to help support focus, memory, and alertness. Ingredients such as Lion’s Mane promotes concentration, clarity and learning.